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If you want to boost enthusiasm then tell your team . . .

"We’re Going on Strike!"

Bowling can function as an invigorating "classroom" experience, where people enjoy learning something new, and then can apply the principles for personal and professional improvement beyond the lanes.
Bowling is an effective way to get your team rolling in the same direction. You can introduce a new company initiative, product roll-out, or celebrate a milestone achievement. It’s a stimulating surprise to show employees your appreciation too!

Bowler Bob facilitates the following sessions customized to your group size and needs...


  • Move out of your comfort zone for a team building activity - “Make Allies in the Alleys!” - facilitated by Bowler Bob at a bowling center near you!
  • Everyone from executives to employees at all levels of your organization will enjoy gathering in a neutral and fun atmosphere with the intent to strengthen cohesiveness.
  • Team members will share laughs and gain a fresh perspective on a favorite pastime that translates to all walks of life...bowling.
  • Your staff will form teams and participate in non-traditional bowling games that foster collaboration.

    Energetic games include . . .







  • Bowler Bob can bring portable bowling equipment to your meeting site. (Safe to use balls, pins and a carpet bowling lane - requires minimal space).
  • No need to lace up stylish rental shoes, rather tennis shoes to get bodies and heart rates moving with great enthusiasm!
  • This on-site activity can be integrated to fit employee work schedules.
  • Your people will remain productive and can participate during the work day in a little “friendly” competition among their co-workers.

    Energetic games include . . .
    Mission Impossi-bowl
    Bobstacle Course
    Adult bumper bowl

PLAY IS GOOD!  You can determine themes to align with your objectives and increase the fun.
(CAUTION-This may become an annual event!)

Bob's facilitated events drive home the importance of building relationships, solidifying teams and improving performance.

BENEFITS from a Bowler Bob team building event . . .
Much needed fun in a relaxed atmosphere

"Bob, Thank you again. Many more smiles at work today, it is like it is a different place. A card is being sent around that someone started for you and many have said that they really gained insight. I had one lady tell me it was the most fun she has ever had………. WOW! The pictures will be posted and put on t-shirts!"

Director of Nursing


Experiential learning
Everyone gets in the game
   Emphasizes collaboration and socialization among peers
Laughter (it’s healthy!)
Renews spirit in work
Creates positive “buzz”
Bonds co-workers
   Causes personal reflection on goals and aspirations
   Life lessons are immediately "actiona-bowl"
   Inspires individuals to become better people
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